Hire Me

I edit research articles, theses and dissertations, teaching dossiers, and grant applications, with a special emphasis on the health sciences, social sciences, and humanities.

What I do

Although I do perform more superficial copyediting and proofreading services on occasion, my specialities are in developmental, structural, and stylistic editing. I also revise formatting, figures, and tables for clarity. For authors whose voice I know well, I sometimes rewrite sections of their work, based on content and research supplied by the author. I am happy to recommend services tailored to your draft and budget.

My Rates

My rate is $70CDN/hour + GST, payable by email money transfer, although I do offer reduced-rate editing packages for teaching statements and dossiers. I follow Amy Eihsohn’s guidelines for double-spaced pages per hour edited:

Screen Shot 2018-05-12 at 8.58.00 PM

Please note that Eihsohn’s guidelines apply strictly to copyediting; if I judge that your text would also benefit from stylistic, structural, or developmental copyediting, the rate that I’m able to quote will be slower than the above table lists.

For an estimate of the cost of your project, please provide the following:

  1. The length of the project (in number of words).
  2. The date that you require the work returned to you.
  3. The kind of editing you need (i.e., work on grammar & word choice, or more substantive, structural feedback).
  4. Any concerns or details about areas of weakness in your writing.
  5. A short sample (5-10 pages) of the work to be edited.

You can contact me through this site or email me at letitia [dot] henville [at] gmail [dot] com.

My Schedule

Please note that my freelancing schedule is often booked in advance, and I am rarely able to offer turn-around times of less than one week. Should you need a rush job, I would be happy to recommend one of my colleagues.

Grad Students

Graduate students, please note that I follow Editors Canada’s Guidelines for Ethical Editing of Theses / Dissertations to ensure the academic integrity of your work.

Editing Packages

I offer two flat-rate, fixed-length editing packages:

  1. Statement of Teaching Philosophy – $500 + GST
    Turn-around: two weeks maximum.
    Send me: your draft teaching statement (up to three pages, single spaced), and the syllabi and assignment descriptions from two classes you’ve taught–one from a  class that you teach regularly, and one from your favourite or most interesting class.
    The process: I’ll review your draft teaching statement, and then send you a list of questions about your approach to teaching. We’ll then schedule a 30-60 minute phone call to discuss your teaching and your thoughts on the questions I’ve sent.
    After the phone call, I’ll send you a revised teaching statement, including some additional questions and comments. You’ll revise the statement, and send it back to me one final time for my final edit.
  2. Teaching Dossier – $3000 + GST
    Turn-around: 4-6 weeks.
    Send me: same as the statement of teaching philosophy package, above, as a starting point, as well as any dossier requirements information from your institution.
    The process: We’ll start with same process as the statement of teaching philosophy package, and add to it with a customized process that suits your needs. We might prioritize include additional editing or coaching, website development, graphic design and formatting, pedagogy research or literature review, or related tasks, based on your needs and my skill set.